Nobody likes “Wild West methods” over here. The sacking and plundering of innocent German businesses by evil foreign (as in American; “Wild West”, get it?) exploiters has gone on long enough here and we’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Not unless it’s the sacking and plundering of companies already insolvent, left high and dry by their own home-grown management, that is. Ich meine, ich bin doch nicht blöd (I mean, it’s not like I’m stupid or anything).

Take the handset business BenQ Mobile, the German group sold down the river to Asian investors a year ago by its mother ship Siemens and now suddenly and inexplicably broke. Word is out that another bloodthirsty and blood sucking predator, the American firm Sentex Sensing Tech, is now swooping in and planning to bid for the insolvent company, ruthlessly exploiting the situation and securing 1600 jobs – though you can bet your last Euro that this is the last thing on earth these ausländische Ausbeuter (foreign exploiters) are interested in – the slimy, capitalistic, gun-slinging dirt balls.

When are we going to put an end to this globalization nightmare? How much longer are we going to stand by idly and let our mismanaged German companies be tossed around in this turbulent sea of change like this, free from regulation, open to predatory cowboys from all over the world, out of Texas, I mean? This can’t go on. Can it?

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