bb1.jpgThere were simply not enough sordid murders to keep The Sunday Afternoon Murder Club going.  So after a nice little holiday break, Mannie Barling and Simon Barrett will be back again on Sunday afternoons at 1 PM (Pacific) dishing out all the dirt on the latest crimes – civil or criminal – that are taking over the news.  The show will be called Barling & Barrett, Civil or Criminal.

No story is too small and no issue too tough to tackle.  But we won’t be alone.  Every week there will be different experts on crimes and civil litigation ranging from the current issues of pedophiles in sports to mother in laws who shot their son in laws over child custody cases.

The show will be informative, argumentative and insightful into the decline of the American judicial system.  We will explore civil cases such as Jody Foster’s father’s need to bilk senior citizens of their life savings at 89-years-old, when he could simply borrow some money from his daughter, and dueling matches among America’s multinational corporations fighting for control of our economy, or just being the greedy folks we all know them to be.  There are more sex, drugs and rock and roll in American business than any time before.

If you have an interest in understanding the inner workings of the legal system, you will not want to miss this series. Each week we will be profiling court cases, civil and/or criminal, or exploring some aspect of the legal world.  We have some great guests and commentators lined up.

There are so many misconceptions about the legal system.  Mannie Barling, based upon his forty years of experience as a lawyer, will offer his insight into the law, how rulings are frequently made that defy logic and how one person can receive life imprisonment for stealing a Pizza (three strikes laws) while another like Dr. Conrad Murray is only sentenced to four years in jail, but will probably serve less than one year, for killing Michael Jackson.

Our jails are overcrowded.  There is no money in the state budgets to build newer, larger jails so more and more criminals are receiving early releases.  What does this mean to the average citizen?  We will let you know.  Even though statistics show that serious crime rates are dropping, America is still the most violent country in the world that is not in the middle of a Revolution.  Why?  We will answer these and many more questions over the next year.

Does money and fame buy justice?  Sure it does.  But why does this happen so easily and how do we either stop it or change the system?  We will explore how the justice system works and how to get the most out of it without spending as much money as an entitled billionaire.

We will also be looking at topical issues.  For example, stories of pedophile coaches abusing their trust are flooding the airways.  Just how rampant is this problem in sports?  Should you be concerned about the people coaching your children?  The answer is yes!  But what are the solutions?  What can you do to protect your children?

The Penn State scandal is just beginning.  Each day brings a new and disturbing revelation to light because public institutions like Penn State have lobbied into law, statutes that exempt them from releasing information to the general public.  This allows than to lie, deceive and stonewall the general public.

The thought of schools and universities being able to shelter and protect pedophiles by not disclosing information vital to parents should concern everyone.  They say that absolute power corrupts.  And, America’s largest corporations and universities are experts on corrupting the system.  Is this yet another indicator of how our justice system favors the haves over the have nots?

The first program will be on Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 4pm EST, 3 PM CT and 1pm PST.  Don’t miss it.  We will make you laugh.  We will make you cry. And, we will entertain you for as long as you listen.  Prepare your thoughts and questions about crimes and get ready to call in and tell us your thoughts and ask questions.  If we can’t answer them, we will find the answer before the next show.  We will be there with “bells on” and we hope you will too.

Simon Barrett and Mannie Barling

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