LK Advani’s Economic Vision

The Hindu reports:

Dubbing the United Progressive Alliance government “non-functional” and “internally paralysed,” BJP leader L.K. Advani on Friday asked the business community to develop a long-term perspective for India Inc. and the nation so that bold and innovative measures could be initiated to make the current growth story more equitable and sustainable

Mr. L.K. Advani was speaking at the luncheon session of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s 80th annual general meeting in New Delhi. While the speech covered familiar grounds in its criticism of the Manmohan Singh Sonia Gandhi lead UPA Government it was unique on two counts.

First the speech gave a first glimpse of the likely economic agenda the BJP lead NDA would go to polls with next year. Mr. Advani spoke of

speedier economic reforms, modernisation of airports and the railways and all-out support to manufacturing

with a new formulation of a new definition for GDP

GDP — good ‘Governance, Development and Protection’ — as the three imperatives to benefit the “ordinary” people if his party and the NDA happened to win the mandate in the next parliamentary elections

But that was not all. What was noteworthy about the speech was that the first time since the 2004 debacle the BJP seems to have overcome ideological confusion and shed inhibitions to articulate a clear “Right of Center” philosophical basis for its economic agenda.

It shall be our firm resolve to make good governance, development and security the trinity encapsulating our common minimum programme” to “unleash the entrepreneurial and creative energies of crores of ordinary Indians

With a clear emphasis on the spirit of Enterprise Mr. Advani had this to say

I know for a fact that small and medium enterprises, the tiny sector, the informal sector where millions of entrepreneurs and workers are engaged, are impatient to see a governmental environment that helps them, rather than harassing them

Finally the one remark from Mr. Advani on where exactly he saw the role of Government should be taken as a clear signal that the BJP intends to put reforms and privatization back on track if voted to power.Ours is one party that has consistently followed a policy of supporting private enterprise

wealth generation activities should be left to the community.

Offstumped welcome’s this clear signal from the BJP’s Prime Minister in waiting on the thrust of his economic agenda. However the challenge has been sustaining the reform agenda beyond the first two years in government. Mr. Advani and the BJP will have to do a lot more to show that they can walk the talk. Narendra Modi in Gujarat has already shown how this can be done to buck incumbency and win. The proposed conference of Chief Ministers of all the nine NDA-ruled states in March will be examined keenly by this blogger if the BJP is able to build on Mr. Advani’s Economic Vision.

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