Off-Broadway producer Tim Haskell is daring you to face your absolute worst fears and pay for the privilege. Haskell has opened up one haunted house in each of the five boroughs of New York which will dare people to face their absolute worst fears leading up to Halloween. In preparation for this, Haskell surveyed thousands of New Yorkers to find out what scared them the most and found the top 13 answers such as drowning, clowns, rats, cockroaches, heights and closed-in spaces. He then built each house and created rooms that forced you to face these fears head on and even threw in a few actors to stalk the people who entered the houses to help them along the way of wetting themselves.

The project actually began two years with only one house but after receiving an overwhelming amount of visitors (namely 22,000), he expanded the project to five houses this year which will be open until Nov. 2nd. In an interview, Haskell said “People like to get scared.” And in his advertising he states “‘Nightmare’ makes visitors the stars of their own horror story, in a house that knows their worst fears and forces them to face it,” He estimates that up to 70,000 people will enter the houses this year wanting to be scared out of their minds. He added “We have had some fantastic reactions. Someone peed in their pants in Queens.”

Haunted House NYC
Nightmares brought to life in New York houses (Reuters)

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