Little Miss Sophie and the Sneaky Sock Monster

Written by Victoria P. Lerman

Illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire

ISBN: 9781419628511


This charming children’s book is about Little Sophie, her socks and the sock monster, who temporarily borrows her socks.

What I liked

I think this story is very well written and the themes are great for children of all ages. The story takes a normal and every day occurrence and makes is magical. Children like to read about other children and their adventures.

I thought the illustrations in this book were exceptional. It is colorful and very lively. The illustrations also really match the text well.

The verse itself is very well done. Sophie’s voice comes through very clearly, without being baby-ish or overly cutesy. This, I think, will make the book appeal to very small children on up to older children, who can read the story to themselves.

What I did not like

You really have to read this book out loud. I read it the first time through to myself and the verse was difficult for me. Then I read it out loud to my children and it clicked, it made total sense. So for older children, who are learning to read or can read by themselves, I am not so sure how they will feel about reading this verse out loud to themselves.

I also felt at certain points in the verse, that it was awkward. The verse works and the rhyme was maintained, but it made the meaning a bit unclear or the verse a bit difficult to read. This is true sometimes in poetry and that works. Overall, those moments where it was a bit awkward are not deal breakers.

This is a wonderful book for children, about a topic that effects each and every one of us – weekly. Not a week goes by that we are not hunting down the “lonely socks.”  Also, what baby is not taking socks off or losing a sock. It is a very good idea and very well executed.

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