Recently, Little League International, which has over 2.3 million baseball players around the world, has instilled a new rule that allows pitchers to throw no more than 75 pitches in one game. This change has come as a result of an increase in arm injuries in the last few years. Doctors are alarmed by the number of young teenage kids who have come in with arm injuries in the last five to 10 years. This may be because of children’s joining several different leagues including school teams, traveling teams, and all-star teams aside from other sports they may play. As a result, their arms become overused. This new rule will give pitchers an opportunity to rest their arms and give more players a chance to pitch.

Of the 30 million children who join organized sports in the United States, 1.9 children under age 15 were treated for various sports-related injuries last year. The most common injuries are musculoskeletal injuries including sprains and strains. A sprain is an injury to a ligament that connects bones at a joint. A strain is an injury to a muscle or tendon that help with movement. Children also tend to injure their growth plates in their hands, fingers, arms, legs, and feet. They also come in with stress fractures and tendonitis which is the result of the overuse of muscles. Children also tend to suffer from heat-related problems such as dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Both parents and players are angered by this new rule. Coaches tend to stick to star pitchers to help win games. Some parents believe that the new rule babies kids and is driven by politics. They claim that it is difficult and time consuming to train new pitchers.

The pitchers themselves are angered by being pulled after they meet their 75 pitch count total. Pitch counts are usually not recorded in little league, and they may have been making up to twice the amount of pitches before. However, even they admit that they are tired when it comes time for coaches to pull them, even after the 75 pitch limit. Their will is obviously stronger than their arms.

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