It is not often that Blogger News is part of making the news! We tend to just report on what others have already done. Not so this time, this time we are an active participant in a project. Few subjects have as many special interest groups as the Civil War. Although the events are now firmly locked in the annals of history, interest in it is still very active. A Google search on Civil War Societies produces a mind boggling number of hits.

I have known publisher Don Bracken of History Publishing Company for some time. And HPC is without doubt one of my favorite independent houses, they go for quality over quantity.

I have yet to be disappointed by anything they offer. It transpires that Don Bracken has a particular interest in the Civil War. This was evident when I read his award winning book Words Of War. He took an approach that I had never seen before. Every book, on every subject has a slant, it is human nature. You are either for something, or against it. Most authors try to maintain an even keel, but they subconsciously still color the subject, using negative or positive phrases to sway the reader. The glass half full, or the glass half empty syndrome. One is positive and forward looking, the other is negative and backward looking.

Words of War is both! Don takes some of the most important battles and includes 4 versions of each. A very impartial introduction that does little than set the context, then Newspaper clippings of the event. One from the New York Times, clearly a Northern interest group, one from the Charleston Mercury, who most certainly took the Southern view. The differences in views are divergent to say the least. A major rout to one, was a minor setback to the other. These days we use the word ‘spin’ when dealing with the news, the word may be new, but the concept is old. The fourth view on each battle is provided by the official historians. Usually their views lay somewhere in the middle. Yet even they offer ‘spin’.

I love history, but the Civil War was something I knew little about, Words Of War had me hooked.

My next excursion into the world of the Civil War came in a pictorial media. Historyscope is a series of posters that show  the battles, the time lines, the theaters of operation, and the outcomes. The problem was that I didn’t have enough knowledge. My decision was to find an expert. I showed the visuals to a local High School history teacher. The response I got was very positive “What a great learning tool”. Most people do not understand the scope of the Civil War, historians mostly agree that there were over 10,000 skirmishes, and over 380 major battles.  The Historyscope series shows the whole story in a visual way.

It was at this point that I started talking to Don, he has the knowledge, and he has the drive. A book is now in the final stages that will accompany the visuals, this will explain the major battles. As best I can tell it will be over 400 pages of jam packed information. The printer is ready, the indexer is hard at work, it will be coming out very soon.

An equally important work is going to be The Confederate Units, a book detailing the who, the where, and the why. My understanding is that the material is all created, it just has to be printed.

BNN by no means has an exclusive on the products, but we will be offering them for sale, and better still, no shipping and handling. The sticker price is the price you pay.

Blogger News is excited about this new direction. If Historyscope or Words Of War sound like your kind of adventure, drop me an E-Mail, both are available, and we can ship today. Equally, if you want to keep up with the Book and CD offerings let me know and I will put you on the mailing list. This is too good to miss.

Drop me a line at  and I will provide the ordering info, and put you on the list for the new products.

Simon Barrett

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