I spent a number of years working with disadvantaged adults, adult literacy was always a concern. From a literacy point of view, Trump does not score high marks. He is repetitive and uses a very limited vocabulary.

What about the 36% of voters that form the hard core Trump supporters, the evangelicals that suddenly think sins of the flesh are OK if its Trump. Its OK to be racist and exclude Muslims. Its OK to mess up foreign relations with our allies and laud our enemies.

I have digressed, the question was about literacy, not competency. This is a comment left by a Trump fan.

as usual another shyte for brains poopaganda hit piece…. as a trained political scientist and historian here’s why whomever wrote this hit piece should have used it to wipe their backside… on second thought… not a good idea since its already full of bovine scatological matter…

Here’s the dealio…

GDP was just revised UP… the US economy is booming, there’s real wage growth, and light inflation after a decade of stagnation largely brought on the by ‘new normal’ eco-moron-omic policies of one B-HO who tried to destroy the nation, along with Hil-liar-y his corrupt, seditious, dark hearted treason filled Suck of State… she literally was selling States via access to her illegal server…. OUCH….

Unlike the author, I am connected to Americans from all walks of life, gender and race who are enthusiastic about supporting Trump in coming elections. Here’s an interesting point, there were many ‘not Trump, not Hilliary’ folks in my circle. To person, probably a couple of hundred,they are fully behind the President after seeing the ‘results’.
All this balderdash hand wringing over lies by the left, and corrupt pollsters like buffoons cited… are BS! It’s a pysop people…. just like it was during the last election where ABC, ESPN LIED…. Believe what you will but this BS, and the TrumpTrain will prevail…

Once we do, you will see these criminals snatched from their beds, put on trial by real judges, and either wallow away the rest of their days in Gitmo…. or face the executioner.

Is this how all of Trump’s supporters talk? I find it sad that if even a small percentage of his supporters talk like this the US is in big trouble.

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