Blogging from Phoenix—The daughter of former vice president Richard Cheney who spent the last year successfully cultivating credibility and prominence as a voice of the national conservative movement may regret her latest attack ad which can be viewed below. The folks at her P.A.C “keep America safe” have taken a page from the play book of the late Senator Joe McCarthy and suggest what the country lacks is a good old fashioned political witch hunt, To keep us safe from terrorists, Liz Cheney argues and with a straight face no less, that our liberty and democracy can best be defended through the time tested practice of guilt by association.

The loudest objections to Ms Cheney’s proposal that McCarthyism can provide us with the tools to defeat terrorism came not from liberals as she would have doubtless anticipated when crafting her web ad, but from the very people who served in the administration of her dear old Dad. According to Liz Cheney’s slant on the terrorist menace, It was the very defense lawyers who were approved by the Bush administration to represent suspects in terror cases, many who later went on to work in the Bush Justice department, who now pose a risk to our safety and constitute a growing threat to our American way of life.

These associates and fellow travelers of Al Qaeda must of course be identified and prohibited from working in the justice department according to Ms Cheney.  McCarthyism is so toxic a memory, even the folks at FOX lack the ability to put a positive spin on old Joe’s legacy and quickly backed away from offering their usual support. Prior to the release of her latest web ad, Liz Cheney had managed to distinguish herself as the rare exception to most right wing pundits by carving out a spot on the mainstream media menu and establishing herself has a presence in the conservative movement, a platform of influence from which many claim she intended to launch a political career.

While her call to restore McCarthy era panels and commissions that determine who is and isn’t a loyal American may be very appealing to folks who listen to talk radio or buy Sarah Palin’s book and read Ann Coulter’s column, the best is does politically is draw an audience, to win an election requires building a constituency. The prophets of wing nut ideology tend to be the kiss of death to candidates in actual elections, which explains why people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh grow rich selling the kool aide, but always stop short of taking the plunge and running for high office themselves.

In challenging the patriotism and loyalty of the very people who served in her Dad’s administration, Liz Cheney certainly appeals to the millions of tea baggers, birthers and Birchers who make up the fringe of the American electorate, but considering the depth of blowback being directed her way from establishment conservatives, her future viability as a candidate depends on how quickly she decides to order a heaping helping of crow followed by a desert of humble pie.  

Well at least that’s my view, yours may be different 

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