badger.jpgIt is at first a seemingly odd combination. The Badger is a somewhat reclusive animal, but do not mistake this as a weakness. A cornered Badger is meaner than a spurned woman. They get mean, evil and down right dirty.

Of course (like wives) if you are nice to them, they make perfect companions. A number of years ago a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) showed me the first Badger music video ever made. Badgers do not tend to show their artistic side, but when they do… watch out!

OK, so the wordsmithing is not up to the standard of Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffet, Johny Cash, or in fact anyone that I can think of, well with the exception of a huge number of todays ‘artists’. What is wrong with the mantra ‘Badger, Badger, Badger’?  Jan and I went to a concert in 2007, it was a big league deal given by a couple of Indian Badgers, of course neither of us speak Badger, but we guessed that ‘om’ was Indian for Badger. I love the Sitar, but I was Om’d out by half time. Unfortunately we could not get a picture of an Indian Badger, he had to go pick up a fare at the airport.
Our search for Indian Badgers expanded.  We found the Importer of the Indian Badgers, (he owned a New Age Badger Store), and he was as upset as we were. The Indian New Age Badgers were so busy saying ‘OM’ that they could not take some Badger time out to sign a few Indian Badger cd’s.Jan and I took the high road out of the Badger burrow. We did the only sensible thing, we headed to the nearest bar to numb the ‘om’ sound.

I was pretty certain that Badgers, regardless of their origin were just part of my past. Yesterday I realized that I was wrong. But what connection could there be between Linux and Badgers? I have to admit that I am just a beginner in the Linux world. It took me almost a year to install Linux on a fruit. Apple G4’s are just mean and evil when it comes to playing with their FNA (Fruit Normal Application). This is akin to my Supermarket telling me the approved ways to use parsley!

I knew I had the beast beat when after 10 million ‘fruitless’ attempts it responded with an tech type message that translated into ‘Piss off, I don’t do Linux’. Before it could grep its chron, I had it one the ropes and it was game over.

Installing Linux in a dead Badger makes my efforts pale into insignificance. Badgers do not come with CD Drives, and they tend to be a little lacking in RAM. There are issues with the processor as well. Intel and AMD have not explored the world of multi core, hyper threading Badger brains.

Here are the foolproof instructions for getting Linux to run on a dead Badger.

Simon Barrett

My thanks to for this informative information. 

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