By Honey Gillard
It seems that Hollywood party girl Lindsay Lohan is getting back to her partying ways, after she was spotted hitting up recent favorite LA hotspot ‘Winstons’, this week.
Lohan has also spoke to Allure magazine in a recent interview about her 1-month stint in rehab, partying and her desires to’ lay low’.
The young actress made claims that she plays the role of the ‘protector’ in her group and that her friends aren’t safe without her.
“When my friends and family are around me I feel like they’re safe . . . When my friends have left me – I’ve just seen everything collapse. They’re not safe without me.”
When questioned about partying post-rehab the child-star claimed, “That’s my life!”
Lohan also compared herself to Marilyn Monroe and professed that she was shocked that she ended up needing treatment.
“It’s so weird that I went to rehab. I always said I would die before I went to rehab.”

 “Everybody’s tired of hearing things about me and them . . . I think it’s just better for me to lie low and get better.”

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 Sources: PopSugar

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