By Honey Gillard 

LINDSAY Lohan has been the victim of claims that she intentionally flooded the apartment of her ex-boyfriend Peter Morton. The young actress has reportedly acted mystified and shocked by these claims, as she insists that she was out of town when the incident occurred. 

Lohan, who lives above Morton’s Sierra Towers home in Hollywood, is being held accountable for the damage of the flood, which calculated to $150,000 worth of damage, according to 

Security personnel at the posh complex assert that they obtained entry to Lohan’s empty apartment last month after Morton reported the flood, and found “water overflowing in the bathtub.” 

One of the security officer’s reports read, “It seems that they left the faucet on. I turned it off.” 

Though it seems that the incident report has left Lohan bewildered because she claims that she was in New York when the flood took place, even though video footage suggests that the actress/singer was partying in Los Angeles on the night of the flooding. 

A spokeswoman for Lohan tells, “We’re very suspicious.” 

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Sources: Starpulse 


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