Limestone Presbyterian Church, Pike Creek, Delaware generating its own solar spirit!

This week while on vacation the Holy Father spoke to a group of faithful about the Church’s need to develop and appreciate a new respect for the environment. While we have already reported on the progress the Vatican has made in retrofitting the Paul VI audience hall with solar panels, the message does not seem to have trickled down to the parish level just yet. However, in the Pike Creek neighborhood of Wilmington Delaware, the Protestants…more specifically the Presbyterians of Limestone Presbyterian Church have beat all other denominations to the ecofriendly punch and installed solar panels on the roof of their church.

Reportedly, this project is the first installation on such a large scale in the State of Delaware and the congregation expects to reap solar rewards for their efforts. This project is really quite admirable and perhaps our local Catholic priests and faithful can take a page from our Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord and advocate the use of renewable energy in our Catholic parish complexes.

Just a bit however in Catholic apologetics, my daughters school Saint John the Beloved in Pike Creek is undergoing a massive replacement of inefficient heating units in the school. The new units will provide efficient heating and air conditioning for each classroom on an individual thermostat. As a direct result of this project, the larger and more inefficient furnaces will not be used as readily at Saint John’s. Perhaps next we as Catholics could start concentrating on maybe a “windmill” on the grounds of Saint John’s to generate electricity! Just a thought!

Anyone that would like to read about the Limestone Presbyterian Church’s solar project should visit their website at  At the site there are great photos of the project as well as lots of information about implementing such a project in the Diamond State.

Congratulations to the eco-conscious Limestone Church. Your community of faith is following up on Benedict’s call for Church buildings and resources that are, “respectful to the environment.”

In the spirit of Christian ecumenism, please share your secrets with your Catholic neighbors and help us meet the challenge to respect our global environment called for by Sacred Scripture and the Christian tradition.

Hugh McNichol is a Catholic author and journalist that writes on Catholic topics and issues. Hugh studied both philosophy and theology at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. He writes daily at: & & He writes about Irish Catholic experiences  at  Comments are always welcome @

The author also resides down the street from the solar powered Limestone Presbyterian Church outside of Wilmington, Delaware!

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