Limbaugh seems to be enjoying the ride as his sturdy little craft is being carried along by the swift current called the daily news cycles.   And the fact that millions more are now tuning in to his talk show hasn’t hurt his Arbitron rating, either.  Rush is being touted by friend and foe alike as the leader or de facto leader of either the Conservative Movement, the Republican Party or both.   Limbaugh’s “First National Address” at CPAC 2009 certainly had its desired effect.   A gutsy counter attack that rallied the troops,  turned the retreating Conservative Movement 180 degrees  and put it back on the offensive.  Even recapturing  a bit of lost ground.   Only to have it, the Movement, run out of steam and stall again shortly thereafter. Another big payoff of the Limbaugh/CPAC speech, though,  is that it drew out into the open some of the  pseudo-conservative element within the Republican Party or those outside the actual party that are influencing it.  Rino’s that are part of the problem rather than the solution but have somehow managed to stay concealed in the shadows.     There are legions of these “sleeper agents” that have been responsible for “compromising” the party leftward toward the center.  So at least as a result of Rush’s line in the sand, a handful of these “isle crossers” now have the spotlight shining strong on them.     Most notably David “chuck me in the shallow water” Frum.   Frum and his ultra-moderate ilk must be allowed no influence whatsoever in the GOP steering  process.   And there’s  Cong. Eric Cantor, supposedly a rising star in the GOP!  But, we find, Cantor doesn’t want Pres. Obama’s socialist agenda to fail!  He’s young. Maybe he can be turned and taught to acquire some backbone.  And then we have our newly hired RNC Chair Michael Steele, calling Limbaugh “ugly” and “incendiary”    ??  Poor Michael.  In way over his head.  Someone please throw him a life preserver!   Ugly & Incendiary? Rush Limbaugh?  No.   In the thinking of most authentic conservatives Rush is a force for moderation, rationality and reason within the Conservative Movement.  Yes, that’s right.  I’m calling Rush a moderate.  In the conservative sphere, that is.    And most of “us” believe that while there is room  for our elected Rep’s to maneuver on Limbaugh’s right flank,  we have no patience and will no longer tolerate having our elected Republicans  wandering even 1 degree to the left of where Rush Limbaugh resides on the issues.  We are all out of patience and good will regarding those who continue to pander and wander leftward.  Evidenced by the absolute firestorm resulting from the comments by Frum, Cantor, Steele and others.   If the Republican Party learns nothing else from this little skirmish, they should learn that it (the GOP) and the Conservative Movement are 1) two separate entities and 2) For the present Rush Limbaugh  may not be the Movements Leader but, more importantly, he is our Benchmark.  A message to you Republican politicians and officials;  venture off to the left of where Limbaugh is positioned politically – at your own peril.   We hold this loveable little fuzz ball up before you with a sign around his neck, “Do Not Travel Leftward Beyond This Point”.  You’d best heed that warning.  Clear?  Don’t take 2010 for granted.  Make no mistake, the Stay-at-Home Conservatives punished/spanked you hard on 11/7/06 and 11/4/08.  Will you learn your lesson?   Turn and begin your migration rightward!  As to those, such as myself, who would occasionally travel to Limbaugh’s right flank?  Well there is plenty of room to maneuver safely and freely.   There’s even room for an occasional (and sometimes justified) jab at the Great  El-Rushbo himself.   After all he’s only correct some 98.8% of the time, or something like that.  But as one wanders in the far reaches of the rightosphere, far from the Benchmark, there are very real dangers.  Some outer region travelers have become disoriented and confused, pointing an accusing and critical finger at one of our Nation’s only remaining and dearest friends in this world; Israel.   Brilliant intellects have fallen into this confusion.  Pat Buchanan,  Ron Paul,  Lou Dobbs to name a few.  We can only hope to turn these fallen comrades one day and give them a helping hand out of the pit they’ve descended into.  At times like this we need them desperately.   And there are “others”  who’ve crossed over the far right boundary line.  They fret over something called “the Browning of America”.   As if skin pigment/color can prevent love and devotion for our Constitution.  The modern Conservative Movement must be an inclusive Civic Conservatism rather than some dark form of ethnic conservatism.  And after all, as Limbaugh pointed out in the CPAC speech, there is enough racism on the democratic left.   We can’t tolerate any form of that contamination within our Movement.   One more little reminder for the GOP Hierarchy regarding the effectiveness of our rotund Benchmark [with one hand tied behind his back].   If you’ll go back with me in time to May/June 2007.  The McCain/Kennedy Amnesty Bill.  We had Hannity, Ingraham, Beck,  Gallagher, O’Reilly and a host of others valiantly pushing this monstrous piece of legislation towards the edge of a cliff.  To its destruction.   Just as they get it teetering on the very edge, well they run out of steam.  Can go no farther.  Cigar in hand, El-Rushbo saunters up to the teetering mass and re-names it the “Comprehensive Destroy the Republican Party Act” and with his pinky sends the hideous mass crashing down into the ravine below.   Not to diminish what the others did but it required Limbaugh’s gentle nudge. His endorsement.  Unfortunately the arrogant,  dim witted Republican Party did not learn from this.   Because look who their ’08 nominee was?  And furthermore, the GOP remains populated by armies of these unteachable sorts.  For these rino’s winning is simply not a priority.  There are other far more important things, in their arrogant view.  But for those who understand that a GOP win in 2010 is the only option, they’d best walk into this realization  with eyes wide open,  focused and guided by our Conservative Benchmark.      Darvin Dowdy  

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