I wanted to reach through the TV screen and pull Rush back onto the stage at CPAC ‘09, “you haven’t finished Rush!  You haven’t given them any specific direction or strategy.  Only generalizations.   Certainly you provided no shortage of profound truth, to be sure, but you must get back up there and tell them what they did wrong resulting in 11/7/06 and 11/4/08.  Give them some specifics El Rushbo!  Give them a direction.”  But then, if he did that he’d probably have to give a series of lectures over the next week or do an all-nighter.   And I think that would have been fine with the raucous  crowd but, quite frankly, that is not Rush’s job.  I felt ,  close to the end of the speech, that Rush really wanted to break it off as if he was getting pulled into something he didn’t really want to be saddled with.  Just my take.   Rush is a pundit/commentator/reporter extraordinaire. America’s Anchorman.  But he is not a strategist and has never pretended to be.  In all my years of listening to Rush, I’ve always sensed that he tended to shy away from offering up solid, definite strategies or advice.  He’ll dabble in it mildly -  the basics – and then pull back.  His wise counsel is, however, there and available, be it ever so subtle.   Unfortunately, because of its subtlety most politicians [like the boisterous crowd at CPAC 09] never get  it.  It just doesn’t sink in.  To get through these thick skulls will require a more “in-your-face” sort of personality, like this.  And, of course, a messenger of that sort would not be welcome at CPAC 09.  Might upset the frat party atmosphere that CPAC has morphed into.  It seems to have degenerated into an opportunity to have fun & party.  Not solve problems.  No sense of urgency.   Even with  Rush saying:

“We are in for a real battle. We’re talking about the United States of America . . . remaining the country we were all born into and reared into it. And it’s under assault . . . but it’s never been under assault like this before, from within.”That obviously didn’t penetrate.  Conservatives do not have their war paint on.   No, they just want to keep having fun and continue  to protect their own little patch of turf. 

One of the “subtleties” Rush brought up:

“Obama can’t appeal to the American people without appealing to Reagan voters and we’ve got people on our side who want to throw them out. We’ve got to stamp this out or it will destroy us.”And I watched this go right over the heads of the party animals in the gallery.  These out-of-touch boneheads haven’t got a clue as to what Rush was talking about here.  Who are these “Reagan Voters” Rush was speaking of?   Lets go back in time for a “sampling”.  Ronald Reagan aggressively sought and acquired the Teamsters Union endorsement both in ’80 and ’84.  Ronald Reagan would not have allowed that aspect of Nafta that allows Mexican and Canadian truckers to drive freely on U.S. taxpayer highways without proper work visa’s/permits.  Pushing U.S. truckers out of their jobs.   As we speak the Teamsters Union (1.5 million members) and OOIDA (160K members) are battling to keep jobs for their members.   And to prevent 75% of the U.S. trucking industry from, in the next 5 years, disappearing and reappearing in Northern Mexico.  Unfortunately the GOP under Bush 43 would not lift a finger to help the union rank and file.  In the eyes of the Mom/Pop working American voter, the GOP has turned its back on them.  The McCain EADS/Boeing tanker fiasco didn’t help much either. 

And these are the Wal-Mart voters that Rush spoke of:

 “That we have to figure out how to get the Wal-Mart voters, we’ve got most of the Wal-Mart voters already. . . .

He is partially right.  We “did” already have them – prior to 11/7/06.  These are the same class of people that have elected mostly conservative, pro-business Presidents since the early 50’s.  These are the same hard working folks that stood up and cheered when Reagan refused to back down before Patco.  These are the same who, over the decades  have rejected unions in their work place.  So how does the GOP Hierarchy reward them?   They team up with the seditious U.S. Chamber of Commerce and cover their eyes while 12-20 million illegal immigrants pour in and steal the jobs that are the birthright  of U.S. citizens.   And I’ll wager you that many in that  CPAC audience are among this group of blackhearts. At least a sprinkling of them.  Certainly the GOP Hierarchy remains controlled by them.  Which is why we will continue to lose come 2010 if these transnationalists aren’t purged from influential positions. 

I love Rush like a brother but I think he left many things unsaid.   Issues that need to be discussed openly that, instead are being hushed.  There remains a “great gulf fixed” between the conservative voting Base and the GOP Hierarchy and , sadly, leaders of the Conservative Movement.   And if the mutual admiration society called  CPAC ’09 is any indication, little progress is being made to close that gap and reconnect with the former, estranged conservative Base.  Darvin Dowdy

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