Image from Lil' BushComedy Central has put together a low-budget cartoon lambasting the president depicted as a third grader. The result is despite a lack of accuracy, and oftentimes cliché jokes about the right you get something even conservatives might laugh at.

How do I know? I am one. 

Lil’ Bush, currently airing Wednesday’s on Comedy Central is a depiction of an easily misguided youngster who is son of the leader of the free world and all of his friends will eventually become those leaders. From creator Donick Cary it is immediately obvious that it is an outright attack on the policies, personalities and politics of the George W. Bush presidential administration. 

The show goes into it’s attack by depicting it’s namesake as unable to articulate the English language and yet somehow he has a cast of followers including lil’ Cheney, Lil’ Condie and Lil’ Rummy. All of which are animated counterparts to the highest levels of the current administration. Of course Donald Rumsfeld has retired but that is the least of the show’s obvious missed parallels.   

The show takes place at Beltway Elementary where our central cast are all grade-school classmates tied directly into the nation’s highest level of secrets.  It is the comedic device of depicting the leaders of the United States as children that has the double effect of making it not serious to take, and yet makes the watcher believe that this uninformed logic is how the president actually makes his decisions. 

Any real policy watcher will be immediately turned off to the series (and will immediately turn off the series). However, moving past this; and take not, it’s a big move, there are elements of humor to be found here. 

First and most obvious is the voicing of Lil’ Cheney as verbalizing in little more than barely audible quacks. Voiced by series creator Donick Carey this is highly reminiscent of Burgess Meredith as the Penguin on the 1960’s Batman series.   It’s funny because when watching Vice President Cheney on those Sunday morning shows he seems to make similar noises, always out of one side of his mouth. 

For those of you upset that Comedy Central would dare lambaste the leader of our country, it’s only a 6 episode run. And with elections only fourteen months away a long-running series is out of the question. 

For those of you who think the president does have the mental capacity of a third-grader, well a third grader may keep you from winning a million dollars from Jeff Foxworthy but never obtained a Harvard MBA.

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