By David Schussler

Perhaps taking an augury from California, Arizona, and Texas, Saudi Arabia has made the decision to construct a security fence sealing off its border with Iraq. Like the Great Wall of China, it didn’t take a referendum from congress and four years to decide. Interior minister, Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz said simply “it would prevent the entry of Islamic militants and illegal immigrants.” The Saudis plan to have a virtual electronic shield plus 560 miles of physical fence securing its northern, western, and southern borders. The project is expected to cost $12 billion dollars, will begin in 2007, and take up to six years to complete.

Prince Nayef says that “a border fence separating us from Iraq has become essential to protect securityof our vast desert borders”, and states as his reasons;

Iraq has become the main base in the region for terrorism.

The war in Iraq is affecting all of its neighbors.

The worlds largest oil production in Saudi Arabia is being targeted by al-Queda.

To ensure that the general chaos doesn’t spill over from Iraq.

The fence will stop al-Queda fighters, drug dealers, weapon smugglers, and, potentially large numbers of refugees from crossing the borders.

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