The Caylee Anthony story has taken many strange turns, and the family are at best whacko’s. Enter Leonard Padilla, trying to make a name for himself. Following in the slightly soiled footsteps of Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, Leonard wants to bring, not respectability to the Bounty Hunting game, but rather the spotlight on what they view as a fine career. The rest of us likely don’t share their enthusiasm.

According to reliable sources Mr Padilla has been in Orlando since Sunday, and although he supposedly was armed with the $500k bond skillfully avoided posting it on Monday or Tuesday. Padilla had waxed lyrically about getting Casey Anthony out at the first opportunity. Maybe he wanted to see Disney World first? Of course my theory is somewhat darker, Padilla has a TV show on National Geographic, all about the joys of bounty hunting.

The Caylee Anthony case has garnered the countries interest. The mother Casey is clearly about as credible as some of the ‘get rich schemes’ I receive in my email. I honestly did not realize that I had a long lost relative in Nigeria, and all I have to do is set up a bank account and these nice folks will send me $10 million!

Casey Anthony and her entire family are suspect, they seem to know so much, yet say so little. I give them about the same level of credibility as last weeks Bigfoot story.

So whats in this for Padilla, it’s simple, publicity! My guess is that he didn’t post the bond until today because he couldn’t get the camera crew in place. He has stated that Casey will be under 24/7 observation, and by doing this he can break the case. Nah, I fell off a turnip truck, but it wasn’t last night. This is pure unadulterated Reality TV. I have too much respect for National Geographic to suspect they are behind this, so who are the money boys? There are plenty of sleazy channels that would go for this one, who would you pick?

Oh, and Padilla has ignored my requests for an interview. I wonder why?

I am sure that there is not a single sensible person that does not wish for the safe return of now three year old Caylee Anthony, but with each passing day it seems more unlikely.

You can bet that we will be watching this story with great interest. And I know just the reporter do do it (hey Randy are you on this one yet?).

Simon Barrett

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