I was busy laughing at my last find, Lawn Mower Racing when a good friend of mine called. He asked what was so funny, and when I explained, he kept a serious tone, and suggested that he could better me.

Have you heard about anvil shooting?

I had to admit that I had never heard of the concept of shooting an anvil, actually it sounded like a really dumb idea. Anvil’s are made of hardened steel, weigh a bazillion pounds, and I seriously doubt that even a 50 calibre armor piercing round would do anything but annoy the anvil.

A quick Google search revealed that I had the concept completely wrong, you do not shoot at the anvil, rather you shoot the anvil. It is the bullet!

You have to love explosives!

Check out this beginners guide.

Further explorations led me to a web site talking about the National Anvil Shooting festival.

I really enjoyed the video.

I have to admit that today has been one of discovery. First Lawn Mower racing and now Anvil shooting. The scary thing is that it is only 4pm. That leaves another 8 hours of discovery today. My good friend who introduced me to Anvil Shooting did say that Potato Guns when ‘explosive assisted’ were quite interesting, maybe I will explore that next.

Simon Barrett

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