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Law firm ad raises eyebrows in Chicago

Yesterday it was Boobs in Boise, today it’s Bikini Underwear in Chi-Town.  A law firm in an upscale Chicago neighborhood has posted a billboard promoting divorce, which is only natural because the firm is comprised of divorce lawyers.  That’s their business, that’s what they do.  Farmers sell tomatoes, and these guys sell decrees.  They’re only advertising their product.

It’s the way they’re pushing their product, though, that has caused a little stir.  They’re using the old Grass Is Greener theory.  The buzz line for the ad is the title of this article, Life’s Short, Get A Divorce.  To make the point that there’s something better out there than your Mr Beer Gut or Mrs Thunder Thighs, the phrase is flanked on either side by a male and female model who’s last job was probably in a fitness video.  We’re talking boobs, pecs, and abs of the highest order.

While the message conveyed by the ad is offensive to some, like trade that old car in for a new one, the firm see’s the ad as ‘cutting edge’.  If nothing else, the models are certainly ‘cut’, no doubt about that.  The question is why did the lawyers feel it was necessary to push divorce this way, rather than just offer a service?  Is the divorce rate falling?  Do they really need to drum up more business? 

Not necessarily, according to statistics.
It’s commonly noted that the divorce rate in America is over 50 %.
Here are the latest figures…

For a first marriage – 41%
For a second marriage – 60%
For a third marriage – 73%

So it’s not that business is on the decline.  It seems to be better than ever.  Maybe getting a divorce is like opening a bag of potato chips.  You can’t stop with just one.

Full Story: Fox News


Cartoon from Sid in the City

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