I have read a gazillion books, written a gazillion reviews, and interviewed more people than a telemarketer. Very occasionally there is some special spark that occurs, some connect that you can not define, you can not put your finger on it, it is just something that happens. In the past two years I have been offered a walk on part in a movie, lunch with a rock star, a place to stay if my wife and I are in Santa Monica, etc. There are lots of really good people out there if you look around. It has been my experience that if you treat people with respect, they treat you with the same respect in return.

I was invited to review Life To The Max, a short, and in many ways very sad little tale about a dog.

My savior in this review was my 9 year old niece Maggie. I had read the book, but just didn’t know what to write. Maggie read the book, and as only a young child can do, took the story to it’s most basic level. I really enjoyed Maggie’s view, there is nothing wrong with fresh and simplistic. Us adults spend way too much time over complicating life.

I launched the review, giving Maggie full credit for her help, and moved on to the next project, or at least I thought I had.

The author, Robin Reynolds left a comment on the review, thanking Maggie for her kind words. Maggie and Robin have now exchanged several emails, and I suspect that both are learning from each other.

I am indebted to them both, Maggie for helping me with the review, and Robin to take the time to talk to Maggie. On the downside, Oh Oh, Maggie now wants to be an author!

I have the greatest respect for Robin, she has gone that extra mile. She didn’t have to talk to Maggie. But she did. Maybe if more people were like Robin the world might just be a better place. I grumble a lot about the state of our education system, and how lacking many of the students are in the basics of life. Maybe if more people took those extra 5 minutes to work with our children the world would be a better place.

For Maggie’s next ‘Show and Tell’, she is taking the book, the comment, and her emails! There are not many 9 year olds that have bragging rights about knowing an author!

Simon Barrett


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