The controversy continues to rage across the country over the final episode of The Sopranos which aired last night. Some feel like they were left hanging and many thought there cable went out when the final scene abruptly cut out.

I too felt rather unfulfilled after it was over, but after sleeping on it and further reflection over coffee I am a bit more content. I always expected the ending to be something completely different than all the scenarios being speculated on in the blogosphere.

In a strange way David Chase’s decision to end the show by the screen just going black lets everyone end the show on there own terms. Had Tony been killed or gone to jail, or flipped, etc. it would have made for a very divisive ending.

Instead the show can end however you want it to end. Chase left it completely open to interpretation and there was enough going on in the final scene to interpret it a hundred different ways. I think after people have a chance to think about it a little more they may see the genius in having the show end the way it did.

Whatever you may think of the ending, its still a shame to see the show come to an end. It was undoubtedly the best show on television in my lifetime. The Sopranos was on for eight years and I would have been happy to watch it for another eight, but just as Tony’s life goes on so must ours.

The Internet has been buzzing about a possible Sopranos movie in the works, but I have been unable to get any independent verification of this from David Chase or HBO. We can all hope!

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