Lieutenant Binneh Minteh Needs Eye & Brain Surgery – Bubacarr Sankanu!

Lieutenant Binneh Minteh Needs Eye & Brain Surgery – Bubacarr Sankanu!

My dear Retired Lieutenant Binneh Minteh, you are just last-minute lucky! My teacher and mentor Ebrima G. Sankareh of The Gambia Echo has advised me to “please leave the tribal debate aside and focus on the bigger picture – the liberation of affected minds from mental slavery and information black out.”

In this respect I made this epilogue delicious for you compared to its original version I almost emailed out!

I would like to first congratulate you for your successful career shift from a foot soldier to a graduate keyboard tiger. I am confident with brilliant intellectuals like you our Gambia will be the Paradise of Africa!

However, I would like to kindly inform you and your think-alikes that building a nation is not the same as chairing a women’s gossip club – sorry ladies my email address is listed below for direct apologies!

Minteh, you wrote and I quote “The culture of tribalism was never institutionalized in the Gambia, and it is no disrespect but Journalist Bubacarr Sankanu seems to be out of touch with Gambian realities or stock in his own little world with no end insight. Pseudo-Journalism, pseudo-intellectualism, inconsistency, and political arrogance must therefore never be given a breeding ground in our midst.”

I very much disappointed in you. Why couldn’t you limit your debate to the issues raised and instead jumped into personal pettiness like a jealous co-wife?

You see, no matter how well educated a person is and no matter how my many certificates a person uses to decorate the walls of his/ her house, if he/ she fails to learn how to walk on the ground, he/ she will end up as an intellectual idiot. With your style of debate, you risk lowering yourself into what my teacher and mentor, Ebrima G. Sankareh, recently coined as “lying lieutenants!”

Honestly, your this statement “If Bubabacarr Sankanu has no eyes to see that he certainly needs help” applies to you. It is nothing personal; you are the one who appears to be badly in need of combined eye and brain surgery!

Be fair to yourself. Did your read anything in my article pointing at institutionalized tribalism or corruption? Why did you deliberately avoid my facts on PAX GAMBIANA, cross-tribal marriages and multi-ethnic harmony?

It is nothing personal. See it as fair battle of ideas for the sake of our beloved Homeland of The Gambia!

Look, there is a Yoruba saying that “you do not ask a pregnant woman where she got her pregnancy from”. Even if you are to consider modern reproduction methods, the obvious answer will always be “from a man!” There was NEVER official tribalism in the Gambia but everyone was complaining about nepotism, tribal connections and corruption. These buzz words are the synonyms of the same Achilles’ Heels of our society. Where were you when people were crying „it is not what you know but whom you know”? I will not explain more.

I expected you to be a fair debater, instead your boxed your way forward with glossy looks and Rambo-styled bluffs as if we are in a reality TV show called “Who Wants To Be The Best Son-In-Law?!

I will not waste my time in proving that I am “in touch with the Gambian realities” or I know the meaning of “institutionalization”.  The lucky readers who followed me can judge if I am a persona non grata or part of the crème de la crème of our national pudding!

My dear lieutenant, I spent the last 14 years of my life in the media and I can tell you the current media revolution has made it easier for us living beings to extend our senses over space and time with or without physical personal motion. If you do not know what this means, I can always give you an extra lesson in communications.

I will not deny the fact that you know your domain and you know about the Gambia and the army from your perspective. I can however tell you that we journalists are luckier. We are like vacuum cleaners in society and we can suck in all kinds of information. It is this advantage that makes security forces and politicians jealous hence the perpetual bullying of media people. Where are the fellow journalists? Am I wrong here?

What we need Mr. Minteh is home-grown Gambian solutions to the Gross Domestic Problems (GDPs) at home. Those who are not happy with the pace of things should fly down and take the lead. The Right Honourables Halifa Sallah, Sidia Jatta and Sam Sarr have set the record by resisting the temptations of international jobs and taking the lead in the patriotic struggle for the consolidation of the Rule of Law, Civic Education and Political Maturity in our Gambian Republic.

I respect Fatou Jow Manneh for one thing; she did not only voice out her disappointment with the status quo but went home, even if on family mission, and is holding the bull by the horn. She has proven to be a true Nyacho Warrior who will not sit idle and will prefer to jump into the water well than end up in chains! This is what I expect from people who are yelling “As a society that is threatened by institutional ethnic hatred and political dictatorship under the current administration, President Jammeh can therefore be rightfully blamed for encouraging and embracing Tribalism in the Gambia…” if I should quote you again.

Complaining without proposing alternative solutions as in your case is naïve and myopic. You can understand now when I say you need to see some surgeons.

Please Lieutenant Minteh, let us all Gambians in the Diaspora and at home unite or at least exchange productive ideas on how best to advance our Nation rather than caricaturing each other over of trivial issues.

I am steeping out of the boxing ring for now. If you have serious debatable issues without personal vendetta, I am ready to take my gloves. Like I said: it is nothing personal!

Your Compatriot,

Bubacarr Sankanu



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