Convicted Murderer Does Newspaper’s Dirty Work

Bleeding Heart Liberal Newspaper Editor Defends Publishing Op-Ed Pieces Bashing Conservatives From Convicted Murderer In Local Prison

Newspaper to convict: “Take Care of My Light Work for me, will ya?”
by Little Baby Ginn
The New Hampshire paper, the Concord Monitor invited convicted murderer and prison inmate at the men’s prison in Concord, Charles Huckelbury to write several op-ed pieces.
The executive editor, Felice Belman, appalled by the “flood” of over “100 nasty and repulsive emails” followed up with her own editorial, “Murderer gives our readers a peek inside. Prison town needs to look behind walls.”

She goes on to ask the question, “Should a convict be allowed to write columns for the newspapers?” I think a better question to ask is this: “Why ask a convicted murderer to write Op-ed pieces for a newspaper?”

Ms. Belman writes:

“If you’re a regular reader of these pages, you already know what I think. The Monitor has published several recent columns by Charles Huckelbury, an inmate at the men’s prison in Concord, and a couple of dozen in all during the last three years. He follows in the tradition of the late Ray Barham: Both men were murderers, inmates and writers for the Monitor.”
Concord Monitor

As if this “blanket” explanation covers all the subtleties of posting Huckelbury’s Op-Ed’s. Here is a slice of one such Op-Ed piece from Huckelbury:

In the state prison, Iraq war is popular, Hillary Clinton is not
Most criminals appear to think like Republicans

GOP to the bone
The men engaged in critiquing Hillary’s motives and policies were thus anomalies of a sort.GOP to the bone, their arrests and convictions had done nothing to sway their political philosophy. The unconcealed antipathy toward Clinton left only one conclusion: Republican sympathies are forever and not subject to interpretation, analysis, reflection, or modification, a characteristic confirmed by a recent study on problem solving and learning theory (“Red minds, blue minds”) that appeared last month in the Monitor.Read rest of story:

Liberal Newspaper Publishes Convict Op-Eds Bashing Conservatives 


Liberal Newspaper Publishes Convict Op-Eds Bashing Conservatives
Concord Monitor

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