by Ric Ottaiano

October 30, 2006

By now you’ve all probably heard of the Bill O’Reilly – David Letterman dust up. Frankly, I don’t really give a rat’s patooie what David Letterman has to say about anything other than how to successfully host a late night TV talk show on one of the three original major networks. I hear he’s pretty good at it, and I know I’m not, so I’ll surely defer to him on that subject matter.  

However, Late Night Dave made a comment I found quite interesting and illuminating concerning the liberal mind set. Asked by O’Reilly whether he wanted the Americans to win the war, Letterman said he wanted a solution that would result in the least loss of American lives.

That, in a nutshell folks, is the problem with the liberal way of thinking, especially when it comes to war but pretty much permeating most everything else. Shallow and naive. The kind of analysis you would expect from high school sophmores, but certainly not from middle-aged adults with supposedly a few years of real life under their belts and perhaps a dash of historical knowledge.

The least loss of American lives. How completely sensitive and altruistic, and how utterly facile. I can imagine Letterman hosting a popular radio program in 1942 and advocating for the alternative in WWII that would result in “…the least loss of American lives.” That alternative would have been to not fight at all. Not the Imperial Japanese. Not the Nazis. Not nobody. Most of Western Eurpoe would now be goose-stepping along to Wehrmacht marches, but at least we found the alternative that would result in the least loss of American life.

Fast forward to 2006. We can limit military casualties to just those the result of training accidents if we don’t ever send our military into battle. Never place them in harm’s way or call upon them to confront an enemy. That would be the best insurance against the loss of American lives.

Except, of course, the 3000 or so innocents that were murdered on 9/11, and those that will inevitably follow if David Letterman and his like-minded buddies are in charge.

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