“Money can’t buy happiness” goes the old saw. “then I guess I’ll have to rent it” replies Weird Al Yankovich in the theme song to Johnny Dangerously. Apparently it is not for rent, either.
        The Astor name is famed and known for extravagant wealth. A huge fortune was made during the (choose one:) robber baron/captain of industry period of our history by John Jacob. It has stayed humongous for over a century to the point where 200 million dollars are still able to be given away.
       To bad Brooke Astor can’t afford a bed… 
       How is it that all these fights arise over these huge fortunes? This ain’t exactly Anna Nicole Smith v son of husband over untold millions…at least this is family on family financial violence. But you really have to wonder…with all the resources that wealth can provide, how did it reach a point where only the courts can decide?

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