I hate paying bills, I am sure the vast number of people share my dislike of the activity. The bill that irks me the most is cable TV. The last time I looked we are paying $180 per month. Sure we have a gazzilion channels but I find that rarely is there something that I want to watch.

Actually lets talk about the gazzilion channels, many are duplicated on another channel. For example Discovery also has a Discovery HD, they show the same program and the is no noticeable difference in picture quality. The movie channels also show the same programming on two channels. HBO has a block of 20 channels, but only 10 are unique, the same is true for the other movie channel brands, Starz, Showtime, etc. So in reality we are only getting half a gazzilion channels.

You can list the number of channels I watch with the fingers of one hand. I am a news junkie and watch CNN from 7am till around noon. The term watch is an exaggeration, my office is covered front deck, I have a laptop and an external monitor that is tuned to CNN, meanwhile I tinker in my various projects on the laptop. So the news is just on in the background.

Around noon I scan through my half a gazzilion channels in search of something to entertain me. It is a rare event when I find something interesting. The good news for me is that I am a reviewer, so there is always plenty of music, TV and Movies to listen and watch. Yesterday I had two treats, a wonderful movie opening on Jan 4 Being Rose, and a double CD The Good Old Boys “Live” a cracking bluegrass adventure starring the late Jerry Garcia.

But, what about us regular folks? I hear you ask. Well there are all sorts of options. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, I suspect it will be the next quantum leap in TV. For between $11 to $25 per month you can have access to 1000’s of channels. I found a site that has researched the subject Hot5.com. Sure many of the options include stations world wide so depending on your language skills many of the channels may not be of interest. Hot5.com expert review for TV and Video Companies with thousand customers worldwide enjoying videos on demand in HD, this includes PayPerView (PPV) events and much more.

There are also some free options, I rather like Pluto.tv, the channel line-up is a bit unusual but I have whiled away many hours on it and it does have live news feeds, also don’t forget YouTube, there is more to it than ‘cat videos’! There are full length movies and great documentaries.

I am convinced that I can reduce my Cable bill from $180 to $70. My provider is Spectrum, of course they ‘bundled’ me, phone, TV and Internet. My plan is to go with their Internet for business which they advertise for $44 a month (I’ll bet there is a catch), Skype for phone, and an IPTV package for TV.

Do some research, the options are endless. As I mentioned I am a news junkie, I found an IPTV service that would give me both US and UK news feeds for $11 a month.

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