As you may have noticed, my entries have been mostly commentary as opposed to actual news. I’m not sure why that is, but if you all don’t mind, I’ll keep on this vein until something newsworthy happens that I can report on.

I’ve done my time in line…between traffic jams, check out lines, restroom lines, ticket lines, etc., it is not a foreign concept.

But, would someone explain the mania about waiting in line for games and toys? Granted…I don’t have children, nor am I a child or a gamer myself, but I have just never gotten the concept. I’m not hard-hearted…I understand how you want to make a child happy during the holidays (no matter what you celebrate). However, if you’re a college kid or twenty-something buying it for yourself, why can’t you wait?

Today, a person was shot while waiting in line at a Wal-Mart store in Connecticut for a Playstation 3. He was rushed to the UMass Hospital in Worchester, and further details have not been released.

Criminals took advantage of the mania surrounding it and tried to rob people while they were waiting in line. The person who was shot resisted them. Everyone else had PS3 on the brain, it seems, and just handed it over.

When is this stupidity going to end?

Even though I’m a little bit harsh with those standing in line, I know it’s not their fault. It’s not the retailers’ fault either, I don’t think (unless there’s something I don’t understand about their ordering process and if they’re keeping things in short supply on purpose).

Nope – as far as PS3 is concerned, the fault lies with the manufacturer.

This is a stupid way to market an item. It’s one thing if an item is popular and customers just clean the store out in record time. That I can understand.

But if the manufacturer doesn’t allow for mass quantities to be ordered in anticipation, but they market this thing to DEATH and get everyone salivating over it, then the deep pocket theory should definitely apply and the victim’s family should sue Sony’s collective ASS off.

If I’m incorrect in how this works, please leave a note in the comments…that’s what they’re for.



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