After World War II, the United States became the world policeman and benefactor. These roles have become counterproductive. Let’s get real; it’s time for other nations to take their proportionate share of these responsibilities.
We contribute more than any other country, $500 million dollars annually to the United Nations’ operation fund. The extremely valuable land in New York City, on which the UN Headquarters building stands, was a gift. Included was tax free status. New York spends $200 million on security for the personnel of this world organization.
In spite of our generosity, we are vilified in speeches by leaders of the rogue nations of the world at the UN. The majority of the representatives of UN member nations’ are anti-American.
The State Department 2009 budget was $11.456 billion dollars. A portion of this money is for the personnel and maintenance of overseas embassies. Here is a partial list of the rest of the international funds for: programs, organizations, commissions, security assistance, economic support, loans, grants, development, disaster assistance, conferences, migration, health, child support, litigation, civilian stabilization, and the World Bank. This isn’t a complete list of expenditures funded by the State Department; the number of categories is overwhelming (’budget/assets/sta.pdf). It is difficult to believe that there is adequate supervision, let alone coordination, of all of these entities. The money flowing through these programs goes directly or indirectly to a good percentage of the nations of the world; Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza, North Korea, Israel, Egypt, Taiwan, Mexico, Central, and South America to name a few. Here are the dollar amounts for the larger commitments:
$395 million Influence Foreign Opinion through Public Diplomacy
$522 million Engage and Educate through Exchange Programs
$414 million Exploit Information Technology
$1.529 billion Lead through Multilateral Diplomacy
$1.497 billion Contribute to International Peacekeeping
In spite of these huge expenditures, the United States is unloved.
The cost of the American Armed Forces that are stationed worldwide, as protection for our allies, is enormous. The Unite States commits a disproportional amount of money, equipment, and servicemen/women compared to the other members of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO.) Countries, like France and Germany for example, take advantage of our munificence by economizing on their national defense. 
It’s time to get real about our expenditures, which really aren’t accomplishing what we idealistically expect. Actually, we’re acting like an enabler to the world, much like a family member supporting substance abuser. We should gradually remove our troops stationed around the world and stop financially supporting all of these nations. Make them become economically and militarily self-sufficient. In that way, they will gain respect for themselves and appreciate us as an ally/friend. Forcefully suggest this to your members of Congress; it will dramatically reduce our oppressive national debt.  
Art Woodrow

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