When you look at the statistics for L.A, or New York, you find that there are so many murders committed that most do not even make the local paper. I could play the ‘gun’ card here, but I won’t bother. In fact guns have become an increasingly large problem in Canada, even though most of them are already banned. Unless you are an O.J. most murders just simply get no press coverage at all.

Lethbridge is a vibrant community in Southern Alberta and boasts a population of over 80,000. Yes, that makes it way smaller than many cities, but it is still a good size. Obviously it is very sad that someone should lose their life at the hands of another, which is what happened to the ‘common law’ wife of Sean Adam Kowalski.

If there is a high spot in this very low story. It has to be that Sean Adam Kowalski was arrested and charged within hours of the body being discovered. This is the way that the system should work. Your community should be safe, you should not be afraid to be out after dark, you should not be in fear when walking to the store. The police did what they needed to do, they had a suspect, and found him about 60 miles away.

Although this is a sad story, many cities could learn much from it. One murder per year is way better than 1000’s per year, most of which go unsolved.

Sometimes us ‘big city’ folks can learn a lot from our smaller neighbours.

Simon Barrett


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