Last weeks hot High Tech rumor involved Google buying YouTube. Well it is rumor no more, it is fact.

Google apparently is paying $1.65bn for the less than 2 year old web site that serves video content over the internet.

I see some real issues in this move. I like Google, I very much like their ‘go get it’ attitude, but this may be a move that they will regret. I would not be suprised if more that a few ‘Googlers’ are sat in bars right now discussing how the company might want to change its corporate motto to “Done Evil”.

How Google are going to deal with the less than sparkling copyright recognition policy that YouTube employ is going to be interesting to follow.

It is not a question of who will litigate, it is more a question of how fast can a hungry lawyer get a suit put together.

I will bet there are thousands of ‘starving’, ‘ambulance chasing’ lawyers who are pounding away on their word processors and salivating on their keyboards as I write this article.

Simon Barrett

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