While Martin Scorsese’s film on the Rolling Stones was flopping with Berlin Film Festival critics (many of these critics are suspected of actually being under fifty years of age, by the way), another rock and roll dinosaur, this time Neil Young, was cleverly presenting his lousy documentary on the sly.

Other than the Stones film however, this historical document has that crisp and special anti-Vietnam War touch so popular with the older movie-going crowd everywhere who would actually just rather stay home and watch it on TV or maybe on this new-fangled DVD record thingy, however.

And in a shocking revelation that shocked all anti-war fans everywhere, young and old alike, Young (his name actually is “Young” by the way) reveled shockingly how he had lost all hope that music can change the world anymore. “I know that the time when music could change the world has passed,” he said. “As you know, my songs were directly responsible for bringing the Vietnam War to an end, but I really doubt if the punks who make music these days song can make a difference in, uh, northern Afghanistan or wherever it is the fighting is taking place these days.”

He then went on to say that “My more recent songs like ‘Let’s Impeach the President’ and ‘It is all the same war, and it hurts everybody’ got rid of Bush and stopped the war in Iraq, too, I think. But believe me, this modern music crap just ain’t the crap it used to me, man. Everybody’s become so apathetic, or pathetic at the very least.”

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