In a recent report it has been claimed that there is less asbestos than originally thought at a development site in Florida, which has delighted the developers because it means that special precautions will no longer be required, as had been originally planned.

The West Palm Beach 1515 Tower condo project was tested recently, and the results of the tests showed that there was enough asbestos presence in the exterior of the building to warrant special and expensive precautions to be taken, as asbestos abatement would have been necessary.

However, closer scrutiny of the test results have shown that the levels of asbestos presence is lower than had been thought, and this means that developers will no longer have to spend money and time on asbestos abatement procedures.

The decision will save the Trinity Development Group around one million dollars. The company has already removed asbestos from the interior of the structure, and it has been made official that the same will not have to be done to the exterior.

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