leslie-fain-3.jpgThe mother of a 16 tear old girl is asking the public to please help her find her daughter. The Newnan Police department has her listed as a “Missing Runaway Child” and she was last seen on August 9, 2010. Leslie Ashlyn Fain had left her home for school at 7:30 am when her mother last seen her.

Leslie’s mother, Lisa, started to worry about her daughter when she never returned home after school. She called the high school where Leslie attended and was shocked to learn that Leslie had not even reported in to school that day at all. She was also suppose to be attending classes at the Central Educational Center during the day but she never showed up there either.

After the mother started searching for some explanation to where her daughter was, she found clothing missing from Leslie’s bedroom and a lot of shredded papers but one appeared to be a map that led to a house in Norcross Ga.

Apparently her daughter met a 22 year old man on the internet from what they could tell from evidence they gathered. When Lisa called Leslie’s cell phone she wouldn’t answer it and the call would go straight to her voice mail. However according to the times-herald.com one of Leslie’s friends claimed that she got a call from Leslie asking her to please give her mother a message for her. She wanted her mother to know that she was OK.

Newnan Police department think Leslie could be traveling with a 22 year old Hispanic man, named Oscar Arenas, He might be driving a maroon 2-door Nissan 200 passenger car. They have reason that the pair might be in North Carolina somewhere but they suspect they will be traveling to other locations as well.

leslie-fain2.jpgLisa Fain says she feels she is not getting the proper help from law enforcement in the search for her daughter. That sure does sound familiar, doesn’t it?

“I can’t get anybody’s help with the police department and I’ve tried,” said Lisa. “I feel like I keep having to tell them what to do.”

She went on to say, “What I need to do is get the word out to get more help with the search. She’s 16 and he is 22, she has no business with this boy. I’m afraid for her safety. We all need to be working together to find her.”

Leslie has been described as having long brown hair and blue eyes. She is 5ft 7 in. and she is about 170 lbs. Leslie was last seen with her hair pulled up in a bun and she was wearing a pink shirt and beige pants. She was driving a blue 2000 Toyota Camry with the tag # BBH2140.

I know here at BNN we have a lot of readers from North Carolina as well as from South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and even Virginia. Please if any of you recognize this girl, would you please call Sgt. Rick Mires, Criminal Investigations from the Newnan Police Department at 770-254-2355 ext 118 or Ext. 0 for radio.

Her mother is really worried about her and she needs to be found and brought back home. She needs our help. BNN has a lot of people that care so I am hoping you all will pass this article around hoping that someone somewhere has seen this girl. She is only 16, she could very well be in trouble. So please help. So what if she ran away on her own, she is not old enough to be out on her own.

Before anyone starts to judge her mother about this, I want you to think about this. Most of us have raised our kids that are now grown. Think back to when your children were in their mid teens. There is no one on the face of this earth that can tell me a mother can watch every move her child makes to be sure she is safe. We teach them the best we can, we teach them right from wrong and we try to teach them the dangers in life. That doesn’t always mean that our children will learn something from our words.

When a child reaches 16 (some before and some after that age), always seem to think they know what is best for them no matter how much their family argues about it. All run-a-ways are NOT bad kids. They just get on the wrong track and unfortunately some never get back on the right track in their life but there are some that do. So please let’s find Leslie before she is harmed without having to pick the mother to the bone blaming her. Lisa Fain thought her daughter was in school, she wasn’t expecting her to take off. So please have a little respect for her through this.

My prayers are with you Lisa and your family. I pray that Leslie will be found safe and returned home. God bless you all.

Thanks to all our readers for your kindness in helping me get this word out too, God bless all of you as well.

Jan Barrett

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