The Bounty Hunter that had become a very unlikable person by many because of his part in getting Caylee Anthony’s mother, Casey Anthony released from jail last week might be in a little trouble himself now.

Sunday afternoon a four member rock band was riding in front of the Anthony’s home on a Uhaul flatbed trailer as they were singing a song written for Casey, named “Casey’s Song (Wine Sick Mind). The manager of the rock group called Biteboy, is Rick Namey Sr. He is the father of one of the member’s, Rick Namey Jr. who wrote the song.

“He wrote it for Casey basically to tell her the world’s onto her,” said Namey.

Some of the lyrics to the song include:

“So don’t bring me pain. You’re the only one top blame. You’re the only one to blame. You’re stuck on the outside. Got nowhere to hide.”

When Leonard Padilla heard the band he went outside and confronted the band. “Leonard says, ‘Move it, move it. You’ve got to move it,” Namey said. Padilla even swatted at the mic as he was telling them to move it.

Padilla admitted to the Orlando Sentinel that he did swat at it. “I was pissed,” he said. “I felt sorry for the parents. I’m just glad they weren’t there.”

Namey feels that Padilla was totally out of line. He said his son wants to file a complaint against Padilla because he did cut his hand on the mic stand when Padilla hit it.

If anyone would like to see the video on YouTube you can go here! Let me warn you though, there is some heavy language in it so be sure not to view it with children around.

Jan Barrett

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