The Caylee Anthony case has produced way more publicity than the Anthony family had bargained on. The three year old Caylee is missing, and has been missing since when we are not quite sure, but it was likely sometime in June. The hot suspect seems to be the whack job mother, Casey Anthony, she has as much credibility as the two ‘wing nuts’ that claimed they have a dead Bigfoot in their family chest freezer somewhere in Georgia.

But just because you are a wing nut, it does not stop you getting your 15 minutes of fame in the media. The examples are endless, pretty much, if you have a high profile story the idiots come crawling out of the woodwork. Larry Sinclair is a good example, he has made unsubstantiated claims of sex in the back of a limo with Barack Obama, no one gives any credibility to his claims, but he is an entertaining guy on a slow news day.

The Caylee Anthony story is a lot more serious, but the whack jobs are out in force. The biggest being the Anthony family themselves. Nothing that I have read makes any sense. The most likely murderer of the three year old Caylee, if the poor girl is dead. is the dumb mother. At least the cops took some time out from their grueling regime of handing out traffic tickets to cuff Casey.

The Grand Parents seem to have a real issue, while I can understand any family member wanting to help, these bozos do nothing to add credibility.

The only thing missing from this tabloid special is a ‘Bounty Hunter’. No story like this is complete without some Bounty Hunter or Jesse Jackson getting involved. Jesse is just waiting for Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla to utter the N-Word on tape and we will have another fine media mess.

So who is Leonard Padilla? Well, he is a Bounty Hunter, and just by pure chance his nephew Tony Padilla just happens to own a bail bond company. Wow, what a coincidence!

These seekers of the truth are ready to front the money to spring Casey from behind the iron bars. I ask why? $500,000 is a big shwack of money. A&E have their stupid Dog The Bounty Hunter show, they don’t need another one. And in the light of Dog n-word issue, no respectable network wants to play in the Bounty Hunting world.

Rather than springing the female version of OJ Simpson from jail, why don’t these obviously fine upstanding people help find the truth rather than become part of the fiction?

A three year old is missing, a three year old is likely dead, yet the Padilla family think that Casey Anthony should be let out. These people make Duane (Dog) Chapman look like a nice guy! The Padilla’s need their heads examining. Who in their right mind would get involved in this stupidity?

Simon Barrett

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