My good friend John Cherry has just published a book Better Than Lennon, in it he analyzes both musicians in both their Beatles and post Beatles career. He poses, and answers the question of who is, or was, the better musician. John Lennon is no longer with us, but Paul McCartney most certainly is.

I read Better Than Lennon, and I have to admit that I tend to agree with John Cherry, McCartney while not having a perfect career, has been a more significant influence on music than John Lennon. But, I also watched an interesting DVD, Composing Outside The Beatles. This DVD tends to sway in the opposite direction, Lennon was the master, McCartney the student.

The panel for this program have been carefully selected. And I am sure that the fireworks are going to fly high.

John Cherry is the author of Better Than Lennon, and he will be defending his decision that Paul McCartney is way above John Lennon.. You can read my review here.

Billy James is the owner of the PR company Glassonyon, many of his clients are classic bands from the 70’s and 80’s, oh, and he is a huge Lennon fan. I suspect the sparks will fly! Billy reps many bands, the vast majority are household names. He is also an author, I believe that he has 8 books in print, and they are all about music. You can check out Glassonyon from this link.

Randy Pratt is the owner of the record label Hyperspace, his label specializes in promoting classic artists and their new material. He is also the front man for the band The Lizards, and a walking music encyclopedia.

Trace Hacquard is an author and music lover that has recently published a book posing the question… Is rock dead? You can read my review of Deadlines And Delusions here. Trace took three months in the summer of 2006 and prowled the country looking for rock.

Armando Aldazabar is both an author and a music producer. His books are very ‘drug centric’, and drugs seem to be a common theme in the music world. Armando is the young pup of the group. But he is just as opinionated as the rest of us! His books Cocaine Memoir and What You Are Turning Me Into are stark reflections on today’s world.

I have to admit that I am rubbing my hands and doing my best impression of Clint Eastwood, I suspect that someone will ‘Want to make my day’.

This is going to be a great discussion. We have it set for 1pm central (2pm eastern) on Saturday Jan 9. The link to the program is here, or, just point your browser at a few minutes before 1pm central, you will see the listen live button on the front page.

This is one program that no Beatles fan will want to miss.

To wet your appetite, try this interview with Trace Hacquard.

I know this is going to be a wild program, I just got off the phone with Randy Pratt, his comment… “McCartney is the musician, Lennon was the deity”

Simon Barrett

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