By Janelle H. Rodgers

In Book the First: The Bad Beginning, the intelligent children lose their parents, as well as all of their material possessions in a house fire. They then move in with their supposed distance cousin, Count Olaf, who is a wicked man.  Jim Carrey played this dark villain in the 2004 movie. Each time the mechanical engineer minded Violet, or the bookworm Klaus develop a plan to escape from the clutches of Count Olaf, who only wants their vast fortune, they fail miserably, thus confirming it is “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

Daniel Handler, the author behind the Lemony Snicket name, has mastered engaging the reader, particularly those age nine and above for these books.  All thirteen books are dark and depressing, total contrasts from stories with “happy endings,” but the willingness of the narrator to admit this, makes the story laughable, enjoyable. Handler has created a web of fascinating characters, and twists and turns of suspense and foreshadowing that pull young readers through the pages effortlessly.

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