A thorn in the side of German industry for decades and a pain in the ass for everybody else for at least as long, legendary or at least somewhat famous investigative journalist Günter Wallraff has consented to give yet another interview to somebody about something shocking again. Oh yeah, now I remember: It will ostensibly cover things like missing moral courage and discrimination in Germany etc. blah, blah but will actually expose, once again, his unrelenting need for sensation and his peculiar psychological demand he has for (if not physical dependency upon) making enemies in so-called “high places” whenever and wherever he can.

That is why he goes to the so-called “low places” all the time, I assume. “I don’t have any eternal bogeymen,” he says at one point in the interview, meaning of course that he still has the same old bogeymen he always had; Die Bild-Zeitung (I am convinced that the two work together), factories (now the factories are called call centers) and anywhere else where unfair working conditions exist (meaning practically everywhere in the world), anything right of two steps left of the SPD. He means German society in general, in other words. So, in even other, other words: Nothing new on the western front here. Hey, it was a slow news day.

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