In memory of the three German soldiers murdered on Saturday when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a market in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, leaders of the opposition Left Party in Germany have called for the withdrawal of the country’s troops from Afghanistan.

One prominent Left Party leader, Gregor Gysi, said that “the death of these young men made no sense” to him. This is surprising, as Herr Gysi is well-known for his sharp intellect and smart appearance. I can try and explain it to him, though: Their death “made sense” in that they were willing to fight for something we like to call “a good cause”, something worth fighting for, in this case the rebuilding of Afghanistan. The people that killed these soldiers don’t want Afghanistan to be rebuilt, that’s why they murdered them. Does that help make sense out of what happened here?

Another well-loved political commentator, the decrepit and hate-filled Peter Scholl-Latour, has known all along (afterwards) this was coming as usual and has elegantly placed the blame for the killings on the United States, where every good German knows it belongs. “In the moment that the German deployment was placed under American supreme command, it was clear that the insurgents would be after them (the Germans) as a specified target.” Hmmm, interesting theory, and I couldn’t agree more, I think. A German supreme command in Afghanistan, with the corresponding troop strength versteht sich (of course), would be a great way to go. Then none of these attacks would take place anymore, or so his reasoning.

At any rate, “they” (the defeatists from the left) have crawled back out of the woodwork again and will increase in strength with every German death or injury which takes place down there, despite of (or because of) the Merkel government’s firm response to this attack and its firm commitment to the Afghanistan cause. That’s just what the guy with the bomb planned.

Or as one speaker for the government put it: “It would be absurd to withdraw and it would only worsen the terrorist threat. It would also increase the demands from terrorists towards the international community and us.” That makes perfect sense to me. But then again I’m not as clever as Gregor Gysi and Peter Scholl-Latour.

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