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It is not very often that the great Indian Political Drama transcends to a mindgame. What normally borders a street brawl has not just elevated itself to a game of bluff but has actually gotten beyond it with some inspired psy-ops.

But first Prakash Karat’s Doublespeak on the Nuclear issue.

First 20 Aug 2007, Prakash Karat in The Hindu explaining why the CPI-M is opposed to the Indo-US Nuclear Deal.

To make India’s foreign policy and strategic autonomy hostage to the potential benefits of nuclear energy does not make sense except for the American imperative to bind India to its strategic designs in Asia

The Act includes provisions imposing restrictions on transfer of technology and barring access to dual use technologies, thus denying India a full nuclear fuel cycle

So here is Karat arguing that the Indo-US Nuclear deal would put constraints on India’s strategic autonomy.

Now contrast this with Prakash Karat on 13 May 2001 in the People’s Democracy  actually complaining that the Nuclear Lobby in India was attempting to free India from any constraints to develop its Nuclear Weapons. This in the CPI-M mouthpiece in an article criticizing the then Vajpayee lead NDA Government’s welcoming of the Bush National Missile Defence program.

Underlying the effusive welcome by the BJP-led government, is the hawkish position that India should be freed from all constraints to develop its nuclearweapon force.

The Bush plan with its dismantling of the arms control regime is seen as an opportunity for India to develop its own nuclear force.

So there you have Prakash Karat on record lamenting that India’s Nuclear Lobby would be given too much Independence or Autonomy to do what it wants and he is blaming the Americans and George Bush for attempting to remove constraints on India’s Nuclear Weapons Program.

With that Offstumped welcomes you to this week’s episode of Who’s Bluff is it anyway ?

An interesting mind game playing out between the The Hindu, The Indian Express and the Telegraph.

The Hindu is carrying what the ultra hard Left pro-Chinese Karat Faction actually want and can go public with.

The Telegraph is carrying what the soft Left Bengal Faction would like to leak about what the CPI-M privately wants.

The Indian Express is carrying what the soft in the head Prime Minister’s Office would like all of us to think the CPI-M privately wants but does not acknowledge publicly in the vain hope that it actually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So you have Shekhar Gupta in his sunday op-ed National Interest hardselling the argument that it is the Left and not the Prime Minister that is looking for an honorable way out.

If Shekhar Gupta brought some much needed Sunday Levity to this mindgame, the Congress spokerspersons from Abhishek Singhvi to Priyaranjan Dasmunshi are providing weekday comic relief with their deep denial of being on life support.

There was something for everyone in this week’s episode of Who’s Bluff is it anyway ?

Electile Dysfunctional D. Raja and A.B. Bardhan got to bluff that they can still stick it up to the Congress with their threats of bringing down the Government.  Mayawati’s BSP got to bluff that it actually understands the Nuclear Deal. The dinosaur of Indian Politics VP Singh got to bluff that he was still relevant, not that anyone was paying much attention to him anyway. The UNPA got to bluff that it was still United and Progressive its marginal presence in the Lok Sabha notwithstanding. George Fernandes got to bluff that “I think so I am sane” but the bluff actually ended up on him. The Prime Minister wanted to call the the BJP’s Havan bluff but ended up scalding himself at the altar of the Left’s fire. Sonia Gandhi got to bluff that she was actually solidly behind the Prime Minister, while Pranab Mukherjee kept toeing the line that the Party would like to rule the entire term.

So the mind games go on, another day,  with the UPA-Left’s bluff on the people of India continuing on life support.

It is time we called their bluff by demanding a vote in Parliament.


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