(London, UK) Lee Scott MP for Ilford North was recently presented with a striking Stephen Wiltshire print of the Palace of Westminster. The presentation was made by the head of the Autism Awareness Campaign UK, Ivan Corea, who paid tribute to the tireless efforts of Lee Scott in bringing the issue of autism up the political agenda in the United Kingdom. Even Tony Blair said that ‘Autism is a serious issue.’
The Redbridge MP launched a key debate on autism in Westminster Hall in March 2007. This was followed by a question to the Prime Minister in PMQs. Scott has also signed an important early day motion on autism, supporting the Autism Awareness Campaign UK – EDM 1359 tabled in the House of Commons. He also met the Prime Minister in the House of Commons, together with Ivan  Corea, the autism campaigner in April this year.

A copy of the Autism Report was handed over to Tony Blair urging him to launch a 10 year program of action to support parents,carers and all people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome together with a national strategy on autism. Parliamentarians are calling on the British Government to act decisively on autism.
Presenting Mr.Scott with the Stephen Wiltshire Print of the awe-inspiring Palace of Westminster in London, Ivan Corea said: ‘Stephen Wiltshire is a wonderful role model to all young people. Here is a young man, diagnosed with autism, who has overcome barriers to become a leading architectural artist in the world. Stephen Wiltshire has made a difference. I urge the Government to use Stephen Wiltshire as a classic example of success, in education campaigns aimed at young people.’
The Stephen Wiltshire Gallery: 


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