The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine will take a major step to promote healthy lifestyles in Erie Pennsylvania with the expansion of the campus to a new building adjacent to Millcreek Community Hospital. LECOM will begin construction this year of the LECOM Health and Wellness Center. The center will become part of the continuum of health care that begins with the training of physicians and pharmacists at LECOM and is maintained through medical services at Millcreek Community Hospital, Millcreek Geriatric Education and Care Center and the physician offices of Medical Associates of Erie.

LECOM President John M. Ferretti, D.O. and Provost and Vice-president Silvia M. Ferretti D.O. have led the project team to design a medically integrated wellness center that not only will serve the fitness needs of LECOM students and employees of Millcreek Health System, but also provide a facility that will encourage Erie County citizens to pursue a better quality of life.

“LECOM wants to be the community’s partner on the path to health and well-being,” according to Dr. Silvia Ferretti. “We envision a premiere fitness center and spa that reflects the high quality of health care that we teach at LECOM.”

Dr. John Ferretti explains, “Osteopathic Medicine is committed to preventive, total-person health care and the first step in prevention is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The LECOM Health and Wellness Center will provide many choices for exercise, health education and clinical healthcare.”

The nationally acclaimed healthcare architectural and design firm of Marshall Erdman and Associates has developed plans that integrate the amenities of the fitness center with the clinical needs of patients in a three-story building. The architects have created a healthy lifestyle atmosphere that welcomes visitors and draws them into the fitness center that occupies the first two floors.

The first level offers a day spa, three swimming pools, aerobic and yoga fitness rooms. The center includes basketball and racquetball courts, a snack bar and Internet café, as well as meeting rooms, offices and a child-care area.

A three-lane, nine laps per mile running track circles the second floor surrounding equipment for cardiovascular and strength training and a bicycle spinning room. This level will contain a physical therapy facility.

The third-floor will house clinical and administration offices for Medical Associates of Erie. MAE will offer Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Geriatrics, Orthopedic Surgery, and OB-GYN care from this location and relocate physicians from scattered locations in Erie PA.

When the Center opens, Power Wellness Management, a national health and wellness center management team, will operate the LECOM facility. Power Wellness has participated in the design of the fitness center and will coordinate the acquisition of fitness equipment. LECOM selected Power Wellness based on the company’s experience and its commitment to improving the quality of life in the community.

LECOM expects to start construction of the $31 million center in early fall at West 54th and Peach Streets. The College expects to open the center in late September 2008. Over the next few months, the Project Team will continue preparing plans for the Health and Wellness Center and to complete the necessary local and state permits necessary to complete construction.

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