This is the common cry of the blue-collar workers in Berwyn, Illinois.  Their pleas are aimed at Berwyn Alderman Mark Weiner and Mayor Michael O’Connor.  Ald. Weiner aims to put an end to alcoholic imbibers in the wee hours of the morning.  Weiner is considering prohibiting bars from opening its doors until 10am, four hours later than the current opening hour.  The change is sought because officials feel bars’ current operating hours no longer reflect the city’s image as a family-friendly place. 

What officials fail to realize is that these hours of operation don’t impede upon the family concept, rather, they enhance it.  Naturally, they’re unaware of such concepts because they don’t frequent these bars, or any bars, at these hours, if at any hour at all.  What are they missing?  One patron explains, “All my friends are here.  This isn’t a saloon, this is family.  This is a Berwyn tradition.”

A change in hours of operation would effect the retirees, and 3rd shift workers the most, for these hours are the most opportune times for such people to frequent the bars.  Many bars are concerned because they believe that the change would result in a 25% drop in revenue.  Another bar patron exclaimed, this “will disrupt everyone’s life.”

Officials claim that they often witness patrons “staggering” out of bars at the wee hours of the morning as commuters board the train for work in the morning.  In all likelihood, this certainly happens; however, patrons who frequent bars in the early morning most often aren’t looking to get drunk.  Instead, they’re merely looking to socialize with people whom experience similiar life settings.  What’s the harm in communication and socialization, regardless of the hour?  Whats the difference of a 3rd shift worker stumbling out of a bar at 10am and a 1st shift worker stumbling out of a bar at 10pm?  Do family’s cease going outdoors in the later hours of the evening, preventing them from witnessing such scenes as those they see in the early morning?  Of course not!  This is merely another asinine attempt to curb the pleasures and rights of a different class than those that consider themselves “officials.”

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