The Germans have been tinkering with a new technology to improve mass public transportation. Siemens and ThyssenKrupp are the two companies that joined hands to create the Transrapid train. The three car train is suspended in mid-air through the use of magnets, allowing the train to glide over the monorail at speeds in excess of 275 mph. Although, yesterday, during a test run, the train only eclipsed 120 mph before crashing into a maintenance cart a mile outside the station. Unfortunately, there were twenty nine people onboard, twenty three of which were killed. Those that were onboard were Transrapid employees, relatives, and friends. Transrapid International spokeswoman Claudia Hohmann didn’t offer much comfort to the media. She simply said, “We have to find out how the accident happened…At the moment we have more questions than answers.”
Common sense would allude to the fact that one doesn’t have to be a Rhode’s scholar or a mechanical engineer to realize A. the elevated tracks should have been cleared of any other trains or maintenance carts before embarking on a twenty two mile long journey from Berlin to Munich, and B. Trial runs involving any kind of vehicle that travels at Mach speeds should not be conducted with passengers onboard.

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