Granada Studios Manchester

ITV will televise the first British Leaders’ election debate fom the Granada Television Studio in Manchester. The Granada Television Headquarters is rich in British television history and is the home of the soap ‘Coronation Street.’ The prime ministerial debate will pit the three leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg against each other – they will be behind three lecturns in the 90-minute debate on television. History will be made at 8.30 pm in the television showdown.

The ITV debate will be moderated by the veteran broadcaster Alastair Stewart who will be in charge. A studio audeince of carefully selected people, two hundred in number will watch the proceedings. Some 8-12 questions will be put to Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg on a range of domestic issues.

Disability campaigners were calling for disability issues to be included in all three Prime Ministerial Debates on British Television. ITV’s debate is on 15th April, the second debate on Sky News, moderated by Adam Boulton is on 22nd April evening and the third and final debate moderated by David Dimbleby will be on the BBC on 29th April. A great deal of attention is on the three Leaders’ Debates in the UK with politicial analysts predicting that a good performance by any of the three leading contenders could change the course of the 2010 General Election and lead the political process away from a hung Parliament in the UK. The election polls at the moment are pointing towards a hung parliament situation. The prime ministerial debates could possibly change that.

Autism campaigners are calling on Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg to address the needs of the vulnerable as a key domestic issue in the ITV debates. Autism is now a crucial health and education issue in the United Kingdom.

The UK Autism Foundation has called for disability issues to be featured in all three leaders debates although it is uncertain if a question on disability issues will be picked as one of the questions. The questions have been shrouded in secrecy and the three leaders will not know the questions in advance of the debates.

Photo of Granada Studios – courtesy of Pit-yacker

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