A young woman’s who stood in the rooftop in an apparent bid for suicide in Germany caused a mass brawl between spectators with one side asking the 21-year-old to jump and the other, a group of homeless people trying to protect her, authorities declared Tuesday.

The homeless people got mad when some teenagers in the crowd started shouting to the woman that she should jump from the roof of the town hall of the southwestern town of Loerrach, said police spokesman Dietmar Ernst. “The homeless people started shouting at the kids not to say that, using some strong language,” Ernst said. “Morally speaking though, the homeless people were in the right.”

A punch-up involving around 40 people then followed, during which time police managed to convince the woman to go back indoors — three and a half hours after she stood on the rooftop. Some 35 officers, six of got injured during the fight, were needed to break it up. Eight participants were arrested between the ages 16 and 19.

Ernst however was doubtful if the brawl, which included at least one girl, caused the woman to rethink her idea of jumping. “She was about 70 metres (230 feet) up and probably wouldn’t have seen much of what was going on,” he said. http://www.spiritualityguide.com


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