Caylee Marie AnthonyWOW, I don’t think anyone but this woman could get away with such a threat.  The Orlando Sentinel is reporting:

Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy attorneys said in recently filed court documents that if the lawsuits against her proceed in state court, she will be forced to find a new home and may “simply disappear.”

This sure sounds like they are blackmailing the courts, if the judge decides not to side with her instead of Zenaida Gonzalez, who claims her name was ruined when Anthony accused a Nanny with a name similar to her name as kidnapping Caylee, and Roy Kronk, the meter reader that found little Caylee’s remains rotting in the woods within walking distance to the Anthony family home. The judge has to decide if they are to be allowed to move on with their lawsuits against Casey.

Both cases came to a halt when Anthony’s attorney’s filed for bankruptcy in January. Gonzalez and Kronk want their cases to proceed in the Orange County Circuit Court. Now Anthony’s attorneys have filed a memorandum on June 10 stating that their client would suffer if the judge allows it.

“She will either defend the cases or be forced to default because she has no money,” the attorneys argued. “She will be lampooned in the press. The death threats will again increase. She will be forced to find new accommodations, or just simply disappear and say it is not worth the fight anymore.”

Who cares?

Casey was broke before Caylee died, so why should she get any sympathy from anyone now. She is living the same lifestyle as she was before, living off her parents and friends (well so called friends, I am sure they are only by her side thinking she will be rolling in the money one day and they want a cut of it) not to mention stealing money from her family and friends too, instead of working for a living.

The only difference now is people know her face. She can’t go out in the public without being noticed and she fears for her life. If she would just be held accountable for some of this that she has caused people might be willing to let her alone but as long as she keeps getting special privileges she will continue being hated.

Just because a group of crazy people picked as a jury in her trial found her not guilty, it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have to pay for the damages she did to others during that trial. She shouldn’t be allowed to blackmail the courts by threatening to “disappear” if they allow Gonzalez and Kronk to go forward with their suits. Anyone else to try that would be arrested for it and held in Contempt of Court.

We all know the debts she claims she has with her parents and with Bozo (oops I mean Baez) are debts written up so she could get the figure up high enough for her to qualify for bankruptcy, she even admitted in court that she didn’t think Baez even wanted his money she claims she owes him. We know her parents would lie for her and say she owes them all that money. They must think the public is stupid not to mention the courts.

What about the money that Tim Miller, from Texas Equusearch, spent while looking for Caylee? I think his lawsuit should definitely be allowed. He should be suing not only Casey, but George and Cindy Anthony as well. They all knew Caylee was dead while encouraging him to look for her, and his expenses were not cheap. The search and rescue organization involved in the search says her mother, Casey, owes it more than $100,000 in expenses.

Who was really hurt in all of this? That precious little angel that we all got to know and love, Caylee Marie Anthony, is who. She paid with her life for what her family has done to her. I do still stick with my thoughts though that just because a jury found her mother “Not Guilty” does NOT mean she is INNOCENT. Caylee is with Jesus now and she knows what happened to her. I hope that haunts Casey and her parents til the day they die.

Jan Barrett

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