A lawyer from New York has stated recently that asbestos exposure risks remain very high in the United States, making potential asbestos exposure very much a twenty first century problem. He added that raising awareness about the dangers of asbestos could potentially help to save many lives.

Joseph Belluck focuses on helping victims of asbestos exposure, and he said that raising awareness about the risks of asbestos exposure in the United States could help to save the lives of many people who may otherwise end up losing their lives to this deadly substance.

He said: “This isn’t just your father’s disease. Asbestos exposure and related diseases remain a serious problem today in the U.S, as well as in other countries.” Figures showed that up to three thousand people each year in the United States due from asbestos cancer.

Those at most risk of exposure to asbestos include people in certain trades such s construction workers, plumbers, and electricians. In the UK the Health and Safety Executive has already started a campaign to raise awareness amongst people in high risk trades.

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