A furniture store in the UK is facing legal action from the family of one of its former store managers, who died from the asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma. The lawsuit has been filed by the family of the man, who was seventy one year old Brian Harrison who was diagnosed with the cancer in December of last year.

The UK man died just months after his diagnosis, in April of this year. He had worked for Moore’s Furniture Group, against which the asbestos exposure lawsuit has been filed. The family has blamed the company for Mr Harrison’s exposure to asbestos, which led to him contracting the cancer.

According to the complaint he was exposed to asbestos during the renovation of a Second World War factory, where lagging was removed from pipes releasing asbestos dust and fibers into the air. Workers such as Mr Harrison may then have inhaled these fibers, which can cause the cancer amongst other serious health problems.

Up until the late 1970s and 1980s asbestos was widely used in many different applications and industries, including insulation, construction, and many other areas.

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